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fwbackups 1.43.7

User Guide

Using fwbackups for easy, automated backups

Edition 1

Stewart Adam

Diffingo Solutions Inc.

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This user guide will help you use and configure fwbackups. It provides instructions for creating and configuring backups, as well as documentation for the various configuration options available to you in fwbackups.
1. We Need Feedback!
1. Getting Started
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Starting fwbackups
2. Using fwbackups
2.1. Backup types
2.2. Creating a backup set
2.2.1. Paths
2.2.2. Destination
2.2.3. Times
2.2.4. Options (Simple)
2.2.5. Options (Advanced)
2.3. Editing an existing set
2.4. Running a backup only once
2.5. Restoring backups
2.6. Importing or exporting sets
2.7. Changing your preferences
3. Technical Information
3.1. Backup formats
3.1.1. Archive/tar backups
3.1.2. Direct Copy/rsync backups
3.1.3. Minimum storage requirements
3.2. Preservation of file ownership and other attributes
3.3. Expected levels of reliability
3.4. Application data & logging
3.5. Command-line interface
4. About fwbackups
4.1. About fwbackups
4.2. Reporting a problem
A. Revision History