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Chapter 2. Using fwbackups

2.1. Backup types
2.2. Creating a backup set
2.2.1. Paths
2.2.2. Destination
2.2.3. Times
2.2.4. Options (Simple)
2.2.5. Options (Advanced)
2.3. Editing an existing set
2.4. Running a backup only once
2.5. Restoring backups
2.6. Importing or exporting sets
2.7. Changing your preferences

2.1. Backup types

fwbackups supports two main types of backups: recurring backups that automatically backup your files on a schedule, and backups that are run once and not scheduled again. These are referred to as as backup sets and one-time backups respectively.
You will be able to configure any number of backup sets, each backing up on a regular schedule at a time of your choice. Each set operates independently, so if you wish you may group files into two or more sets and have them backup at different times or to different destination folders. You may also perform one-time, however in this case the backup will not be scheduled to start again in the future.

When to use set or one-time backups

It is recommended that you create a backup set for your important files in order to ensure that you have a recent backup copy saved at all times. One-time backups are more suitable for making backups of large files, such as a music collection or video that you may not want to include in a backup set that is started daily or weekly.