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1.2. Starting fwbackups

There are two ways to start the fwbackups:
  1. Graphically (recommended for most users):
    Select ApplicationsSystem Toolsfwbackups from the menu.
  2. From the command line interface:
    Start a terminal, type fwbackups and then press the Return key.


    More options are available! Type fwbackups --help to see all the available options and their descriptions.
The Overview page

Figure 1.1. The Overview page

fwbackups starts on the Overview page. To begin using fwbackups, simply click a one of the toolbar buttons to switch pages.
Backup Sets
Create, edit or remove backup sets as well as manually start a set backup.
One-Time Backup
Perform "one-time" backups (backups that will not be scheduled to run at a future date).
Log Viewer
Displays the log file, showing information about fwbackups's activities.


  • All log messages are formatted like this: Month DD HH:MM:SS :: severity : message
  • Messages from previous sessions are displayed as purple text
  • Messages from the current session are displayed as blue text
  • Errors and warnings are displayed as red and yellow text respectively
Allows you to restore any backup you previously made using fwbackups.