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3.4. Application data & logging

fwbackups stores all of its logs and configuration in the ~/.fwbackups folder on Linux, or %APPDATA%\fwbackups on Windows. The GUI adminsitrator's application preferences are written to a file named fwbackups-prefs.conf.
The fwbackups log file is written to fwbackups-userlog.txt in the application data folder; it is not rotated automatically. Whenever the backup administrator is run or a backup/restore operation is started, the fwbackups log file will be appended to.
Backup sets are .ini-style files stored in the Sets subfolder of the application data, and must have a .conf extension in order to be read by fwbackups. The files are portable between different machines and platforms, and will be automatically upgraded on first read if they are from a prior fwbackups version.