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3.2. Preservation of file ownership and other attributes

fwbackups uses the internal Python tarfile and shutil modules to restore files (and paramiko for interfacing with remote hosts via SFTP). File permissions, modification time and access time are always preserved, as are symbolic links.
Local backups should preserve ownership on Unix-like operating systems, however OSs commonly do not allow regular users to change the ownership of files and thus the backup would need to be extracted manually as root in order to preserve ownership. Remote backups will not preserve ownership, as any files uploaded over SFTP assume the owner of the user used to connect to the remote machine. Please note that in the case of an archive backup to a remote host, this only applies to the actual archive file. The archive itself may contain file ownership information and once it has been retrieved from the remote host, it can be extracted manually similarly to a local archive backup if the user wishes to preserve file ownership.
Other file attributes, xattrs or ACLs may be stored in the backup (depending on the backup format, the OS the backup was created on and filesystem) however fwbackups will not attempt to restore them.