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2.7. Changing your preferences

Select EditPreferences from the menu to open the preferences dialog:
The Preferences dialog

Figure 2.5. The Preferences dialog

Show tray icon
Toggling this checkbox will show or hide the tray icon.
Show notifications in tray area
Select this is you wish to receive notifications like the one below for important events:
Minimize to tray on close
Selecting this checkbox will make fwbackups minimize to the tray icon when closing instead of quitting.


Clicking the tray icon will reopen the main fwbackups window.
Start minimized
Select to have fwbackups to only show the tray icon and to hide the main window when starting.
Always show debug messages
This option enables all debugging messages in the log viewer. Use this if you are trying to troubleshoot a problem.
Start fwbackups (minimized) when I login
Select to have fwbackups start minimized, but only when you login.
Pycron installation folder
When running on the Windows platform, fwbackups will use pycron to schedule tasks and must know where pycron has been installed. The installation folder will be auto-detected in most cases, but in the event that it isn't use the Browse button to select the pycron installation folder.
"Don't show me again" messages
Several messages in fwbackups can be disabled by selecting Don't show me again when they appear. If you would like to enable these messages again, click the button.